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My really crazy father was born in Termoli (Campobasso) center south Italy, 9th of March 1923 and his life is only to drawing.

He is the first of three brothers (2 brothers and 1 sister). He is the only in his family who draws and begun at 16 years old. His family is a poor family and all the first money get to his parents. Cocco Bill is his preferred cartoon because he sees himself in it, he loves much the "far west" time.

Cocco Bill was born in March 1957 and the first strips were published by "Il Vittorioso". Cocco Bill is still drawn and published by "Il Giornalino". Now for the 40 years of Cocco Bill I organize an exposition in some Italian cities.

Jacovitti now works for a boy's magazine and a newspaper. Besides the far west he loves the jazz, the young blondes girls, to smoke big cigars and the summer sea.

His wife is Floriana (Lilly), she isn't mad like Benito but isn't competly normal. I'm Silvia and the only child, apart from the cat.

    I asked my father what he wants to say to the Finnish fans:

      "I love a lot the Finnish nature: the lakes, the snow, the fog and the long winter and I love Sibelius music too and the Finnish girls of course, for they are also blondes. A big embrace to all (I have long long arms). Ciao!"


    Silvia Jacovitti - 11/1996

    ...A million thanks and hugs to Silvia Jacovitti!



    Benito Jacovitti died the 3rd of December 1997 and his wife soon followed him. The Great Master is gone but his work will stay alive and still bring joy to our lives. He'll be never forgotten as long as we who love his genious art keep rockin'.



    You can also check what Lambiek comiclopedia says about Jac.


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Pictures by permission and copyright of Benito Jacovitti.