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Finnish names in the titles.

Cocco Bill #1 ja Hölkky #2
•Now, here we are, in City city, Texifornia.
#1 Cocco Bill UK, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands. Toffe Tom Norway. Dilibill Hungary

#2 Trottalemme (Italy), Slow Trott (UK), Django (Germany), Stapper (Netherlands)

Krudelio Humpo #3
•If you not gonna gallop as you should, I'm gonna withhold both your family and Christmas bonuses. Okay?
•Okay, master!

Pormestari Bunz Barabarunz #4
#4 Bunz Barabarunz (Italy)

Kuknass-veljekset #5
•Here's yer drinks, Sirs! Butter beer, mix, the same, melon beer, Koff, the usual and the same. Here you are!
•How about me?
In Finnish a.k.a Rehu, Viti, Ruska, Sysi, Punkku, Keltsi, Sinkku, or, in some translations called as a real color name as Vihreä, Valkoinen, Ruskea, Musta, Punainen, Keltainen ja Sininen. Both as ref. to a color.

#5 Kuknass Brothers (Italy)

Tuomari Ciak Babiloss #6
•You scoundrells, defying the judge. You're gonna get to know the gallows...!
•So shut your face! Okay?

Seinähullu #7, Susanna Luuviulu #8
[Raving Mad and Susan Skinnanbones]
•Oh lovely miss, is there something wrong? Are you fed up with your life? You wish me to shoot you? ––...to yer gums?
•Just you'll try, and I'll give you a smack around the ears.
#8 Osusanna Ailoviu (Italy)

Sheriffitär Genoveva #9
Heard the express train's being robbed. Oh well. I'll hasten to the site, investigate and arrest.

*This shortish, oldish and fattish lady is sheriffess Genoveva. She's on the permanent post of Sheriff in Dirlindon.*

Kaksoissheriffi Tupla-Nikolai #10
•This time he's found his better. I'll seek him even from the ends of the earth. You don't rob trains without punishing!

Piter King #11, Svabb Kapalo #12
*Svabb Kapalo, gentleman on the outside, but on the inside he's utterly hardened scoundrell.*
•Boss, Cocco Bill's turned up in to the city!
It doesn't make me to even blink my eye. (I'm actually shaking all over.)
#12 Svapp Kapsalonza (Netherlands)

Kotisheriffi Johnny Bingo #13
I've heard the robberies and heists are day-to-day here!
Would like to help you! Alrite?

Sheriffi Pitt Kampurakoipi #14
*Soon Cocco Bill finds Sheriff Pitt Twistshanks on the terrace.*
•Howdy Sheriff! My name's Cocco Bill!
•Cocco Bill in Barbara City! I'm flattered! And what'r you up to?

Davide MacMäski #15, Barnaba MacMäski #16
•Well he ain't one of the mamma's men!
•Why, he's one of the Sheriff's friends. Helped me in the saloon!

Mamma... Thomas Vattakura #17
•I wanna skin his back! Got it? I've spoken!
•Okay, Mamma! Okay!

Kanansilmä (apassi) #18
•Ugh! I'll jump on his back when he's bellow here!

Tarhaporu #19
•Let's shake hand, Mr. Cocco Bill! I'm the Sheriff of Broccolo City and in the name of all citizens...
... I welcome you to the City! Now, let's shake hands...

Sheriffi Bob Karicannon #20, herra Lofty Listeri #21
•Hm... only for two days. They've broken the law... They laid hands on my person without just...
•Mr. Karicannon, when I'm gonna be the mayor, you won't be a sheriff any longer. I'll discharge you!

Charly Koppa #22 (w/ Black Kuknass)
•But they do it on the movies.
•Why don't ya leave the bodies alone.
•Shurely you're not asking for trouble.

Rafu Ketara #23
•Or more likely bad, bad, bad! And you bring me news like that, take serves you rite!

Sheriffi Bast Ankarampi #24
•Unfortunately, that's me... My name's Bast Morestringent!
You noticed I'm quite holey. ...Hm...It's that I'm a target for three villains who terrorize the Beautiful City. Every day it's like thirteen stick ups and who knows how many abductions. That's why I'm a bit worm-eaten.

Tom Atsih #25, Bud Platina #26, Fred Empä #27
•Get lost!
•I like very much to make the old witches to dance!

Palmikko #28, Aasinnokka #29, Kanansilmä (#18)
•Suddenly it attacked and ate all the chichens.
•Oh my poor chichens!

Riwolli Rex #30, Sheriffi Pullo #31
•I'm Cocco Bill.
•Riwolli Rex. I'm glad I saved u!
•My name's Bottle, the Sheriff...

Puuma Nikolai #32 (w/ Kanansilmä #18)
•Yew no longer eat, yew'r ded!

Masi Kara #33, Bro #34)
•Now patter to the neighbors, bro!
•Pat, pat.

Sheriffi Rokhella #35
*This one is Rockstove, the jumping sheriff.*
•Hands up and the name out!

La Kamorra #36, Ding Dong #37, Tam Puri #38, Biss Kroma #39
•I made it just fine.
•Well we didn't!
•The one who takes the justice to his own hands, gets tree years in jail.

Sika-koira sityn sheriffi #40, Cocco, Pikku-Bob #41
•Listen up, pal! Strangers just don't mess up with us!
•Oh bluebells!
•Ya screwed up with the gun! Now, hand it over!

Ranchin omistaja #42, Brik Zumma #43
•Mr. Cocco Bill, may I introduce our boss Brik Zumma. Cocco will work for us!
•Cocco Bill! What an honor!
•Well said, Brik!

Hullu poppamies vuorilta #44
[The loony witch doctor from the mountains]
•I'm more than just a head! I'm everything!––I'm the cold terror itself! I can do anything! Look!
I do horrible horribilities!
•Oh mommy!

Susi #45, Rocco-Baby #46
[The Wolf and Rocco-Baby]
•Un evil wind! Cocco Bill is somewhere here! I can smell it! We'll gotta snuff him out!
•Cocco Bill?! How come?
•What's it to you? As long as we find that swine.

Ruma Bruk #47
•Hello stranger! Nice that you stopped off in the City!
•Yuck! Like thunder and lightning!
•I'm Ugly Bruk if you didn't recognize. And you Mr.?

Bye-Bye Brothers #48
•And here's more of the same sortiment!
•Good heavens!

Ampuja-Nero #49, Saatanallinen #50
*Meantime Hot-Shot has returned to The Satanic with a chest full of Cocco Bill's stuff.*
•Uh... hmmm. Something's missing, yes. A one tomahawk. But that happens.

Pölhöintiaanien päällikkö #51
[The Chief of the Dimwit-indians]
•Well alrite. I was already getting fed up with all the killing and hair cutting. Let's shake hands!.
•And the axe's gonna disappear for good!

Tom Putipuhdas #52
[Tom Thoroclean]
•Everybody, come here.
Like yesterday!

Aasinnokka (#29), Letti-Jussi (sama kuin Palmikko #28)
•I was just riding in piece. Suddenly they started to shoot...

Vipinä-Ville #53
•Flopty, Grog, come here rite now!

Herra Kad #54
•Before that nobody knew about ghosts.
•For two years, that is...

Tuplasheriffi Kaksinkertainen Pena #55

Tim Tatim #56, Urmas Käki #57
•Everything went phut. This weird geezer started to blaze his guns.

Mac Karuuni #58
•And there comes that snooper again. Surely he wants to talk about potatoes, spuds and patatas.

Hullu Hevonen (sioux) #59


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