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This is a short version of the Finnish page. Some of the names I have kept as they were, some of them I have somehow translated. Most of the names are not original Italian nor English ones. Sorry, no can do!

Nota Bene! Be warned! There may be some spoilers!

CB – Intriques of the Mayor (no 1/1975)

  • Why, you little apache! What are you playing, an indian? (Cocco)
  • Heh heh heh! You think I'm cruel, don't you? But this is just my hobby. (Krudelio Humpo)
  • I'm gonna shoot Cocco to his hat! – I'm gonna shoot to his eyes! He'll die eyes shut! – I'm gonna shoot to his first and last name and the place of birth! – I'll empty the barrel to his gums—that's fun for sure! – I'm gonna shoot four from the right and four from the left. That'll work! – I'm gonna shoot... well... from behind! – No, I'm gonna shoot him from behind! – Well, where am I gonna shoot him then? – To the spare tire! (The Kuknass brothers are planning to eliminate Cocco. Black Kuknass and Red Kuknass argue where to shoot Cocco.)
  • I've got plenty of fist for everyone! (Cocco at the saloon fight.)

CB – The Trainrobbers (no 2/1975)

  • Go ahead and play on the tracks, then. But if you get hit by the train, don't come whining to me! (A mother to the child at the railway station.)
  • This is the first time I'm traveling by train afoot. (Not so pleased passenger about travelling a train without the train.)
  • Train, Thomas, where'd you leave the train?! (The station master to the conductor. "The train" arrives at the station but the train is actually missing.)
  • I'm just puffing a letter to my uncle. (An apache about making smoke signals.)
  • Let's get back to business. What kind of grave do you want? With or without your picture? ("Raving Mad" threatens to kick Cocco's ass.)
  • You called for a porter, ma'am. Here I am! – What! A fakir! But we're not in India. – We're not? But there're Indians hanging around all over the place! – Yes, the Indians are here, not in India. So this is not India. Got it? – Um, who's got it at all? It's "yes" but it's "not"! (The teacher Susan Ailoviu and the fakir.)
  • Since the peace pipe is not in use, let's puff some cigarettes instead! (Cocco to the apache chief.)

CB – Mashlanders (no 3/1975)

Against who

  • Piter King's horse looks like this, 'cos he learned to ride at an early age. (It's a hobby-horse.)
  • A chamomile with pistacchio! Okay? – Okay! – One dollar, please! – Here'z yer dollar! Keep the change! (Cocco and the saloon keeper)
  • Um... Heureka! I'll hit him with the coffee grinder! That'll always do the trick... (Svabb Kapalo)
  • Move – and you're a graveyard-candidate! (The stagecoach passengers are being threatened.)


  • Oh my! It's raining teeth, and a lot of them, too! (An old geezer about the saloon fight.)
  • I'll stamp his ass with "the friend of MacMash"! (Davide MacMash about his "friend" the riffle.)
  • Thanks... Um... Is this a doggy house? – No son, it's my house! (Cocco visits Mashlanders, who are the size of a midget.)
  • I'll explain with guns! (Tomas Vattakura)

CB – Against two gangs (no 4/1976)

  • Listen, you stranger on your pale horse, do you have a licence to go around making a joke of yourself? (Rick Turnip)
  • So if you're gonna spagetize I'm gonna go to saloon and chamomileze. (Cocco to Slowtrot)
  • Woe is us! They killed all of us. I alone survived. (Curt Belly)
  • While we were about to die, these two scoundrels were just playing the poker! – What can you do, they are horses! (Cocco and the sheriff Kari-Cannon)

Swich cheese

  • Oh my poor teeth... All ninety of them gone. Who's laughing any more... (He was laughing at Cocco for drinking chamomile.)
  • And you old bag, go to Cornwall to howl ! In here you get to the nerves of the late Cocco Bill! (Fred Not threatens a crying woman with a gun.)

CB – Chickeneye and the eyeless (no 2 [5] / 1976)

  • If it's tales, I'll win and you two will lose. If it's heads, you'll lose and I will win! Agreed? (Cocco)
  • We're the one-eyed, we're going to the pasture where we're not gonna be eaten, we're the chicken, really and unfortunatelly... Paramparara! (The marching and singing one-eyed chicken.)
  • Open the handcuffs, you goof! – Don't call your richer names! (the Sheriff Flask and Riwolli Rex)
  • A guy with two or three legs paralyzed isn't able to walk... Something fishy in it! (The sheriff Flask is wondering.)
  • He's gonna brew beer out of the one-eyed hens! For a crime like that the government puts you jail straight away!
  • Now that we two are alone... um... may I offer you something? – Yes, five thousand dollars! (Masi Cara and sheriff Flask)
  • Don't let them furious chicken kill me. ("The Plait" pleas for mercy)

Cocco driini – Western story in cis minor

  • He could not read the sign "Don't shoot the pianist". Luckily he missed... (The sheriff Rockstove)
  • Tam and Ding did their share of it. Andante con kickass! (Biss Kroma)
  • Don't shoot the band! [Unless it runs away!] (The villains were hired to play in the saloon. The name of the band is "the Bad LongHaireds".)

CB – Baa-baa thieves (no 1/1977)

  • The guy sure has loads of stuff! But what's tht white thing? – It's a lamb. (Cocco and Mr. Boss)
  • I wanted to get him alive, but he'z dead! – Well you don't always get to have what you've wished for! (Cocco and Brik Zumma after the assassin passed away.)
  • What a cruel fate! A moron as a master—that's what I'm used to—but does he has to be a lamb! Oh, this is an infinite shame! (Slowtrot dislikes his cowarding master, who's joined into a pack of lambs.)
  • Little-Bob is slower but the faster.
  • The massacre is uncredible! But lovely!

CB – The Beautiful, The Bad and the Ugly (no 2/1977)

  • What did I say Thomas! Don't sit and play on the streets. You're on the way of a nice and calm shooting! (A mother to her child.)
  • This sign is useless! These guyes can't read! (The sign says: "Don't shoot the pianist". The piano and the player are full of bullet holes!)
  • One chamomile, plz! – With of without?? – With! (Cocco orders a chamomile tea at the saloon.)
  • I was drugged with chlorophyl. The one with black mask did it! I swear! – With chlorophyl, you say? (Bruk the Ugly and Cocco)
  • Let's save some bullets for tomorrow or we won't be having any fun.
  • Yippee, here it is! Soon we're gonna be richer than Onassis! But, we're alive. Wahoo! (Bruk the Ugly digging the treasure up.)
  • Here's for the starters! I hate to smack you, I'd rather have shooted! (The Diabolic beating up one of his men.)
  • Action is the best entertainment. And perhaps I'll get to torture someone. (The Diabolic ponders what to do.)
  • The injuns are going to attack! There's thousands of them! – Oh, what a pitty! – And they're gonna scalp everyone. Even the bald headed! (There are rumours all over the town: the injuns are comng.)
  • Now you're gonna snuff it! You're gonna die totally! (The Diabolic shoots at Cocco.)
  • This is not fair! They cut off my beard and hair!! – It's okay! Suits ya better! Only the hippies and radicals wear long hair! (Bruk the Ugly has been scalped and he complains Cocco about it.)
  • Well, alright. I already got bored with all this killing and haircutting! Let's shake on it! (The injun chief agrees for peace.)

CB – The Chickeneye (no 3/1977)

Cocco and the hard chamomile

  • Okay boss, maybe you've made a mistake! Guess who did you just get boozed! – I don't know, Pat! Some foreign clown! (Tom Thoroclean has forced Cocco to drink whisky.)
  • Now the guy gets an air conditioning! – Oh! My new shirt! (Villains shoot the sheriff who dies.)
  • Oh please, help me somebody! He's stepping on my toes! – Well, you had more than enought of them! (Cocco is waisted for the first time ever, and wants to dance.)


  • Here's Cocco Bill riding on an old war path. It's called the Path of Garibaldi, because it's the only path he never took!
  • Hello corporal! Did you hear the news? – The BBC or CNN? (Cocco meets three soldiers of the Cavalry.)
  • Ugh! The pleasure was mine! And when they invent the telephone, call me! (The farewell of Cocco and the injun chief.)

CB – the Spooks (no 1/1978)

  • The sheriff is one crazy son of a gun. But that's usual with coppers! (Mr. Kad's thoughts.)
  • All what a man of your kind understands is a punch in the face! (The sheriff to a man.)
  • For all those who take up the dynamite shall perish by the dynamite! (Cocco)
  • I'm not a son of a yesterday's black grouse! – Yeah, I've noticed! You're an owl! (The sheriff and Cocco. Son of a yesterday's black grouse means the same as was not born yesterday.)
  • Stop it, will you please! You have been talking for whole six hours. Somebody just fainted! – Well, who cares. This was a fine story! (Mr. Kad has just explained the whole thing to the citizens, and he took his time.)

CB – Something wrong with the potatoes (no 1 [10] /1979

  • Please, no flowers on my grave. But the music of Sibelius will do. (Somebody just passed away.)
  • In a first and last name of the law, put your guns down and paws high! (The Double-sheriff don't fancy the criminals.)
  • Hi, Double! I thought you were half dead, but you're only half wounded. (Cocco is happy to see the sheriff.)
  • Why don't you drink your beer here? – Nope, I'll take the rest to home. (A guy pours beer into his pocket in the saloon.)
  • Trapdoors and venomous snakes! You wusses! (Cocco)
  • Paleface die now! – Paleface say to Sioux: Leave warpath, or Paleface pops the Sioux eyes like this. (injun and Cocco)
  • If paleface goes BANG on Sioux, Sioux goes UGH and kicks the bucket. (injun)
  • You glutton! You just ate an apothecary from Albuquerque yesterday. Now it's my turn! – Really! It's your turn to get your ass kicked! (The Pumas disagree who gets to eat Cocco.)
  • I do have some good ideas myself. For example this! And this! This is one of the best. (MacCaroni gets to meet Coccos fists.)


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